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08/17/15 王柏堯
Authority Server Selection of DNS Caching Resolvers
08/17/15  王志航
Programmable Policies for Data Offloading in LTE Network
08/10/15 林其翰
iBeam: Intelligent Client-Side Multi-User Beamforming in Wireless Networks
08/10/15  張明揚
A Social-Network-Aided Efficient Peer-to-Peer Live Streaming System
08/03/15 陳伊婷
Random Access Heterogeneous MIMO Networks
08/03/15  蔡承達
A Middlebox-Cooperative TCP for a non End-to-End Internet
07/20/15 陳吟臻
OpenState: Programming Platform-independent Stateful OpenFlow Applications Inside the Switch
07/20/15  許尚宏
DEOS: Dynamic Energy-Oriented Scheduling for Sustainable Wireless Sensor Networks
07/06/15 李建霖
EffiCuts: Optimizing Packet Classification for Memory and Throughput
07/06/15  林婉婷
Controlling Race Conditions in OpenFlow to Accelerate Application Verification and Packet Forwarding
06/29/15 李宜潔
Towards QoE-aware Video Streaming using SDN
06/29/15  黃柏勛
Information Diffusion in Mobile Social Networks: The Speed Perspective
03/16/15 黃柏勛
Efficient Location-Aware Influence Maximization
03/16/15  劉力瑋
A West-East Bridge Based SDN Inter-Domain Testbed
03/09/15 陳吟臻
Distributed and Collaborative Traffic Monitoring in Software Defined Networks
03/09/15  李建霖
PETCAM—A Power Efficient TCAM Architecture for Forwarding Tables
03/02/15 卓彥呈
LACS: A Locality-Aware Cost-Sensitive Cache Replacement Algorithm
03/02/15  張業正
Adaptive Resource Allocation to Multicast Services in LTE Systems
02/09/15 李明潔
SDN traceroute: Tracing SDN Forwarding without Changing Network Behavior
02/09/15  蔡伊婷
Testing Stateful and Dynamic Data Planes with FlowTest
02/02/15 林婉婷
ESPRES: Transparent SDN Update Scheduling
02/02/15  林季蓁
Smartphones Based Crowdsourcing for Indoor Localization
01/26/15 張東羣
Grouping-Based MAC Protocols for EV Charging Data Transmission in Smart Metering Network  
01/26/15  袁睿承
Quality-adaptive Prefetching for Interactive Branched Video using HTTP-based Adaptive Streaming
01/19/15 莊閎惟
STB-MAC: Staggered Multichannel Traffic Balanced MAC Protocol in Wireless Networks  
01/19/15  史靜宜
QoE-Based LTE Downlink Scheduler for VoIP
01/05/15 王柏堯
Application-aware Data Plane Processing in SDN  
01/05/15  張明揚
A Scalable and Self-Configuring Architecture for Service Discovery in the Internet of Things
12/29/14 史靜宜
QoE-Based LTE Downlink Scheduler for VoIP  
12/29/14  王志航
Tracking Human Queues Using Single-Point Signal Monitoring
12/22/14 林其翰
WiFall: Device-free Fall Detection by Wireless Networks  
12/22/14  李宜潔
Providing Reliable FIB Update Acknowledgments in SDN
12/15/14 陳伊婷
The Role of Small Cells, Coordinated Multipoint, and Massive MIMO in 5G  
12/15/14  許尚宏
Relax, but Do Not Sleep: A New Perspective on Green Wireless Networking
12/08/14 劉力瑋
12/08/14  黃柏勛
Balancing Accountability and Privacy in the Network
12/01/14 張業正
Toward D2D-Enhanced Heterogeneous Networks
12/01/14  卓彥呈
Flow Caching for High Entropy Packet Fields
11/24/14 陳吟臻
Autonomic QoS Management Mechanism in Software Defined Network
11/24/14  蔡伊婷
PayLess: A Low Cost Network Monitoring Framework for Software Defined Networks
11/17/14 蔡承達
SDX: A Software Defined Internet Exchange
11/17/14  李明潔
Fastpass: A Centralized “Zero-Queue” Datacenter Network
11/10/14 張東羣
Prometheus: Toward Quality-of-Experience Estimation for Mobile Apps from Passive Network Measurements
11/10/14  袁睿承
A Buffer-Based Approach to Rate Adaptation:Evidence from a Large Video Streaming Service
11/03/14 李建霖
Prometheus: Toward Quality-of-Experience Estimation for Mobile Apps from Passive Network Measurements
11/03/14  林婉婷
Decentralized Task-Aware Scheduling for Data Center Networks
10/20/14 王志航
Device-to-Device Communication in 5G Cellular Networks: Challenges, Solutions, and Future Directions
10/20/14  林其翰
We Can Hear You with Wi-Fi!
10/13/14 林季蓁
Leveraging GPS-Less Sensing Scheduling for Green Mobile Crowd Sensing
10/13/14  王柏堯
Using MAC Addresses as Efficient Routing Labels in Data Centers
10/06/14 李宜潔
The Fluid Internet:Service-Centric Management of a Virtualized Future Internet
10/06/14  黃柏勛
POST: Exploiting Dynamic Sociality for Mobile Advertising in Vehicular Networks
09/29/14 劉力瑋
OpenNF: Enabling Innovation in Network Function Control
09/29/14  卓彥呈
Software Defined Green Data Center Network with Exclusive Routing
09/01/14 張業正
Future Generation Computer Systems
09/01/14  李明潔
Traffic Engineering in Software Defined Networks
08/18/14 蔡伊婷
NEOD: Network Embedded On-line Disaster Management Framework for Software Defined Networking
08/18/14  張東羣
Ubiquitous Keyboard for Small Mobile Devices: Harnessing Multipath Fading for Fine-Grained Keystroke Localization
08/04/14 王志航
Learning-Based Optimization of Cache Content in a Small Cell Base Station
08/04/14  林其翰
Multi-scale Conditional Random Fields for First-Person Activity Recognition
07/28/14 史靜宜
Resource Allocation Under Channel Uncertainties for Relay-Aided Device-to-Device Communication Underlaying LTE-A Cellular Networks
07/28/14  李宜潔
An Information-Aware QoE-Centric Mobile Video Cache
07/21/14 黃柏勛
FluidRating: A Time-Evolving Rating Scheme in Trust-based Recommendation Systems Using Fluid Dynamics
06/16/14  劉力瑋
Bringing Cross-Layer MIMO to Today’s Wireless LANs
06/16/14 卓彥呈
Whole-Home Gesture Recognition Using Wireless Signals
06/09/14  劉冠毅
An Efficient Virtual Network Embedding Algorithm with Delay Constraints
06/09/14 葉幸宜
Adaptive Fast Dormancy for Energy Efficient Wireless Packet Data Communications
05/26/14  謝    念
Energy and Content Aware Multi-Homing Video Transmission in Heterogeneous Networks
05/26/14 官美慧
OPFKA: Secure and Efficient Ordered-Physiological-Feature-based Key Agreement for Wireless Body Area Networks
05/19/14  張業正
Cellular Traffic Offloading onto Network-Assisted Device-to-Device Connections
05/19/14 李明潔
The Case for Re-configurable Backhaul in Cloud-RAN based Small Cell Networks 
05/05/14  廖彥凱
Opportunistic and Efficient Resource Block Allocation Algorithms for LTE Uplink Networks
05/12/14 許祐誠
Leader-Contention-Based User Matching for 802.11 Multiuser MIMO Networks 
05/05/14  許耀中
From “Smart Objects” to “Social Objects”: The Next Evolutionary Step of the Internet of Things
05/05/14 王志航
Frequency-Domain Packet Scheduling for 3GPP LTE Uplink 
04/28/14  蔡伊婷
A Seamless Handoff With Multiple Radios in IEEE 802.11 WLANs
04/28/14 張東羣
APT: Accurate Outdoor Pedestrian Tracking with Smartphones 
04/21/14  林其翰
Mobile Data Offloading: How Much Can
WiFi Deliver?
04/21/14 曾詮翔
Network Traffic Characteristics of Data Centers in the Wild
04/14/14  張哲瑋
An Efficient Content Delivery Framework for SDN Based LTE Network
04/14/14 羅子庭
Datacast: A Scalable and Efficient Reliable Group Data Delivery Service for Data Centers
04/07/14  袁睿承
A Real-Time Adaptive Algorithm for Video Streaming over Multiple Wireless Access Networks
04/07/14 莊閎惟
Staying Online While Mobile: The Hidden Costs
03/31/14  柯長廷
An In-depth Study of LTE: Effect of Network Protocol and Application Behavior on Performance
03/31/14 劉冠逸
Virtual Network Embedding with Opportunistic Resource Sharing
03/24/14  葉幸宜
Cutting without Pain: Mitigating 3G Radio Tail Effect on Smartphones
03/24/14 謝念
MuVi: A Multicast Video Delivery Scheme for 4G Cellular Networks
03/17/14  李宜潔
An Inter-AS Routing Component for Software-Defined Networks
03/17/14 史靜宜
Algorithms for Enhanced Inter-Cell Interference Coordination (eICIC) in LTE HetNets
03/10/14  官美慧
Body Area Network Security: A Fuzzy Attribute-Based Signcryption Scheme
03/10/14 許祐誠
Predicting Length of Stay at WiFi Hotspots
03/03/14  廖彥凱
A Novel Channel-Aware Frequency-Domain Scheduling in LTE Uplink
02/24/14 黃柏勛
Epidemiological modeling of online social network dynamics
02/24/14  劉力瑋
Incremental Consistent Updates
02/17/14 許耀中
Optimizing Service Selection and Allocation in Situational Computing Applications
02/17/14  王志航
A Prioritized Adaptive Scheme for Multimedia Services over IEEE 802.11 WLANs
02/10/14 林其翰
Observing Home Wireless Experience through WiFi APs
02/10/14  曾詮翔
Separating Authentication, Access and Accounting: A Case Study with OpenWiFi
01/06/14 卓彥呈
Towards Secure and Dependable Software-Defined Networks
01/06/14  張業正
Applying Software-Defined Networking to the Telecom Domain 
12/30/13 張哲瑋
A QoS-Enabled OpenFlow Environment for Scalable Video Streaming
12/30/13  羅子庭
OpenFlow for Wireless Mesh Networks 
12/23/13 柯長廷
Forwarding Metamorphosis: Fast Programmable Match-Action Processing in Hardware for SDN
12/23/13  劉冠毅
A Virtual Network Mapping Algorithm based on Subgraph Isomorphism Detection
12/09/13 李明潔
HotSwap: Correct and Efficient Controller Upgrades for Software-Defined Networkst
12/09/13  蔡伊婷
Dynamic Graph Query Primitives for SDN-based Cloud Network Management
12/02/13 葉幸宜
Optimizing Power Consumption of Always-On Applications Based on Timer Alignment
12/02/13  謝   念
A Scheduling Framework for Adaptive Video Delivery over Cellular Networks
11/25/13 官美慧
Efficient Distributed Security for Wireless Medical Sensor Networks
11/25/13  廖彥凱
Dynamic Resource Allocation for Machine-Type Communications in LTE/LTE-A with Contention-Based Access
11/18/13 張東羣
MobileFlow: Toward Software-Defined Mobile Networks 
11/18/13  袁睿承
Participatory Networking: An API for Application Control of SDNs
11/11/13 許祐誠
A Trigger-based Dynamic Load Balancing Method for WLANs Using Virtualized Network Interfaces
11/11/13  許耀中 Standardized Protocol Stack for the Internet of (Important) Things
11/04/13 王志航
How Voice Calls Affect Data in Operational LTE Networks
10/28/13 莊閎惟
Personalized Diapause: Reducing Radio Energy Consumption of Smartphones by Network-Context Aware Dormancy Predictions
10/28/13  史靜宜 To Offload or Not to Offload? The Bandwidth and Energy Costs of Mobile Cloud Computing
10/21/13 曾詮翔
SoftRAN: Software Defined Radio Access Network
10/21/13  張哲瑋 The FlowAdapter: Enable Flexible Multi-Table Processing on Legacy Hardware
10/14/13 羅子庭
Towards Programmable Enterprise WLANs with Odin
10/14/13  柯長廷 SymPhoney: A Coordinated Sensing Flow Execution Engine for Concurrent Mobile Sensing Applications
10/7/13 劉冠毅
ViNEYard: Virtual Network Embedding Algorithms With Coordinated Node and Link Mapping
10/7/13  葉幸宜 Traffic-Aware Techniques to Reduce 3G/LTE Wireless Energy Consumption
09/30/13 謝念
OpenQoS: An OpenFlow Controller Design for Multimedia Delivery with End-to-End Quality of Service over Software-Defined Networks
09/30/13   官美慧 An Efficient Mutual Authentication and Access Control Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks in Healthcare
09/23/13 許祐誠
WiZi-Cloud: Application-transparent Dual ZigBee-WiFi Radios for Low Power Internet Access
09/23/13  廖彥凱 A Group-based Authentication and Key Agreement for MTC in L TE Networks
09/16/13 許耀中
On-line Sensing Task Optimization for Shared Sensors
09/16/13  王志航 Correlation-Aware Packet Scheduling for Multi-Camera Streaming
09/02/13 林其翰
Throughput, Energy Consumption,and Energy Efficiency of IEEE 802.15.6 Body Area Network (BAN) MAC Protocol
09/02/13  曾詮翔 B4: Experience with a Globally-Deployed Software Defined WANg
08/26/13 張哲瑋
SIMPLE-fying Middlebox Policy Enforcement Using SDN
08/26/13  羅子庭 ElasticSwitch: Practical Work-Conserving Bandwidth Guarantees for Cloud Computing
08/19/13 柯長廷
A Scalable Server Architecture for Mobile Presence Services in Social Network Applications
08/19/13  劉冠毅 A Two-Tiered On-Demand Resource Allocation Mechanism for VM-Based Data Centers
07/29/13 謝   念
Searchlight: Won’t You Be My Neighbor?
07/29/13  廖彥凱 Energy-Efficient Reporting Mechanisms for Multi-Type Real-time Monitoring in Machine-to-Machine Communications Networks
07/22/13 官美慧
PSKA: Usable and Secure Key Agreement Scheme for Body Area Networks
07/22/13  葉幸宜 Preference, Context and Communities: A Multi-faceted Approach to Predicting Smartphone App Usage Patterns
07/15/13 許祐誠
On Power and Throughput Tradeoffs of WiFi and Bluetooth in Smartphones
07/08/13 王志航
Online Packet Scheduling with Hard Deadlines in Multihop Communication Networks
07/01/13  林其翰 Push the Limit of WiFi based Localization for Smartphones
06/24/13 曾詮翔
Achieving High Utilization with Software-Driven WAN
06/24/13  張哲瑋 SecondNet: A Data Center Network Virtualization Architecture with Bandwidth Guarantees
05/27/13 羅子庭
FairCloud: Sharing the Network in Cloud Computing
05/27/13  柯長廷 Energy Efficient GPS Sensing with Cloud Offloading
05/13/13 梁焯斌
OpenFlow: Enabling Innovation in Campus Networks
05/13/13  王志航 Exploiting Statistical Mobility Models for Efficient Wi-Fi Deployment
05/06/13 劉冠毅
Mahout: Low-Overhead Datacenter Traffic Management using End-Host-Based Elephant Detection
05/06/13  葉幸宜 A Multimedia Service Migration Protocol for Single User Multiple Devices
04/29/13 林其翰
Network Utilization: the Flow View
04/29/13  王立德 A Particle Filter Approach to Indoor Navigation Using a Foot Mounted Inertial Navigation System and Heuristic Heading Information
04/22/13 許朝翔
Traffic-Aware Dynamic Routing to Alleviate Congestion in Wireless Sensor Networks
04/22/13  楊舜宇 High Performance Resource Allocation Strategies for Computational Economies   
04/15/13 謝  念
A Smart Pre-Classifier to Reduce Power Consumption of TCAMs for Multi-dimensional Packet Classification
04/15/13 官美慧 Review and Evaluation of Security Threats on the Communication Networks in the Smart Grid    
04/01/13 梁焯斌
PortLand: A Scalable Fault-Tolerant Layer 2 Data Center Network Fabric
04/08/13 蔡佩伶 Can We Pay for What We Get in 3G Data Access?
04/01/13 吳宗憲
Distributed Robust Channel Assignment for Multi-Radio Cognitive Radio Networks
04/01/13 王志航 A Transport Protocol to Exploit Multipath Diversity in Wireless Networks
03/25/13 廖彥凱
Scheduling Exploiting Frequency and Multi-User Diversity in LTE Downlink Systems
03/25/13 許祐誠 Avoiding the Rush Hours: WiFi Energy Management via Traffic Isolation
03/18/13 陳冠蒼
Empowering Developers to Estimate App Energy Consumption
03/11/13 林其翰  TAD-MAC: Traffic-Aware Dynamic MAC Protocolfor Wireless Body Area Sensor Networks
03/11/13 許朝翔
Low Power, Low Delay: Opportunistic Routing meets Duty Cycling
03/04/13 許耀中 Searching in a Web-based Infrastructure for Smart Things
03/04/13 曾詮翔
VL2: A Scalable and Flexible Data Center Network
02/25/13 王立德 It’s Not Easy Being Green
02/25/13 楊舜宇
Ultrasound positioning based on time-of-flight and signal strength
02/19/13 梁焯斌 ElasticTree: Saving Energy in Data Center Networks
02/19/13 吳宗憲
Power and Channel Allocation for Cooperative Relay in Cognitive Radio Networks
01/29/13 羅子庭 Generic and Automatic Address Configuration for Data Center Networks
01/29/13 張哲瑋
Better Never than Late: Meeting Deadlines in Datacenter Networks
01/22/13 許閔淙 Design and Experimental Evaluation of Context-Aware Link-Level Adaptation
01/22/13 蔡佩伶
QoS Aware Mixed Traffic Packet Scheduling in OFDMA-based LTE-Advanced Networks
01/15/13 王志航 On-demand Scheduling for Concurrent Multipath Transfer under Delay-based Disparity
01/15/13 陳冠蒼
RadioJockey: Mining Program Execution to Optimize Cellular Radio Usage
01/08/13 柯長廷 Design and Performance Study of a Topology-Hiding Multipath Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
01/08/13 劉冠毅
Measurement and Utilization of Customer-Provided Resources for Cloud Computing
12/25/12 許朝翔 A Layer-Based Routing Protocol for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
12/11/12 王立德
Pedestrian Localisation for Indoor Environments
12/11/12 楊舜宇' Net work Aware Resource Allocation in Distributed Clouds
12/04/12 謝念
A novel semantic web browser for user centric information retrieval: PERSON
12/04/12 葉幸宜 A Light-Weight Wireless Handshake
11/27/12 梁焯斌
Towards Predictable Datacenter Networks
11/27/12 吳宗憲 Spectrum Sensing Based on Three-State Model to Accomplish All-level Fairness for Co-existing Multiple Cognitive Radio Networks
11/20/12 蔡佩伶
Optimized Scheduling Algorithm for LTE Downlink System
11/20/12 許閔淙 Frame Retransmissions Considered Harmful:Improving Spectrum Efficiency Using Micro-ACKs
11/13/12 官美慧
Securing Smart Grid: Cyber Attacks,Countermeasures, and Challenges
11/13/12 廖彥凱 UE’s Role in LTE Advanced Heterogeneous Networks
11/06/12 陳冠蒼
To Hop or Not to Hop:Network Architecture for Body Sensor Networks
11/06/12 王志航 Radio Resource Management with Proportional Rate Constraint in the Heterogeneous Networks
10/23/12 許佑誠
Load Adaptive MAC: A Hybrid MAC Protocol for MIMO SDR MANETs
10/23/12 許耀中 Enabling Internet-of-Things Services in the MobilityFirst Future Internet Architecture
10/09/12 許朝翔
MuZi: Multi-channel ZigBee Networks for Avoiding WiFi Interference
10/09/12 王立德 WILL: Wireless Indoor Localization Without Site Survey
10/02/12 楊舜宇
The Power of Prediction:Cloud Bandwidth and Cost Reduction
10/02/12 吳宗憲 Channel Allocation in Non-Cooperative Multi-Radio Multi-Channel Wireless Networks
09/25/12 許閔淙 Energy-aware Topology Design for Wireless Body Area Networks
09/25/12 梁焯斌 Deadline-Aware Datacenter TCP (D2TCP)
09/17/12 蔡佩伶
Proportional Fair Frequency-Domain Packet Scheduling for 3GPP LTE Uplink
09/10/12 陳冠蒼 Heartbeat-Driven Medium-Access Control for Body Sensor Networks
08/27/12 林其翰
CSMA/CN: Carrier Sense Multiple Access With Collision Notification
08/27/12 王志航 A Distributed Resource Management Framework for Interference Mitigation in OFDMA Femtocell Networks
08/20/12 許朝翔
Acknowledgment-Based Broadcast Protocol for Reliable and Efficient Data Dissemination in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
08/20/12 王立德 ENS: An Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Network Platform
08/13/12 梁焯斌
E-MiLi: Energy-Minimizing Idle Listening in Wireless Networks
08/13/12 楊舜宇 Detection of Selfish Manipulation of Carrier Sensing in 802.11 Networks
07/16/12 吳宗憲 A Distributed Broadcast Protocol in Multi-hop Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks without a Common Control Channel
07/16/12 許閔淙 Toward Ubiquitous Mobility Solutions for Body Sensor Networks on HealthCare
06/25/12 蔡佩伶 MIMO Downlink Scheduling in LTE systems  
06/04/12 陳冠蒼 They Can Hear Your Heartbeats: Non-Invasive Security for Implantable Medical Devices
05/14/12 許朝翔 On Reliable Broadcast in Low Duty-Cycle Wireless Sensor Networks  
05/14/12 王立德 System and Algorithms for Accurate Indoor Tracking using Low-Cost Hardware
05/07/12 林其翰 Strawman: Resolving Collisions in Bursty Low-Power Wireless Networks  
05/07/12 王志航 Relaying Operation in 3GPP LTE: Challenges and Solutions
04/30/12 蘇致瑋 Jump-Stay Based Channel-hopping Algorithm with Guaranteed Rendezvous for Cognitive Radio Networks
04/23/12 梁焯斌  A 6LoWPAN Sensor Node Mobility Scheme Based on Proxy Mobile IPv6
04/23/12 楊舜宇 Cooperative Network Coding in Relay-Based IMT-Advanced Systems
04/16/12 柯建豪  Toward Enhanced Mobile Video Services over WiMAX and LTE
04/16/12 劉培弘 Cooperative Relay Techniques for Cognitive Radio Systems:Spectrum Sensing and Secondary User Transmissions
04/09/12 張容慈  A Cooperative Diversity-Based Robust MAC Protocol in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
03/29/12 蔡佩伶 Coordinated Multipoint Transmission and Reception in LTE-Advanced: Deployment Scenarios and Operational Challenges  
03/29/12 吳宗憲 Enhancing the Capacity of Spectrum Sharing Cognitive Radio Networks
03/22/12 李知穎 CodeOn: Cooperative Popular Content Distribution for Vehicular Networks using Symbol Level Network Coding  
03/22/12 吳書洵 Cooperative Carrier Signaling: Harmonizing Coexisting WPAN and WLAN Devices
03/15/12 劉柏毅 Distributed Access Control with Privacy Support in Wireless Sensor Networks  
03/15/12  廖浤勝 Overview of 3GPP LTE-Advanced Carrier Aggregation for 4G Wireless Communications
03/08/12 陳冠蒼 Maintaining Source Privacy under Eavesdropping and Node Compromise Attacks  
03/08/12  許閔淙 Mobile Crowdsensing:Current State and Future Challenges
03/01/12 陳宜姍 Overload control method for synchronized MTC traffic in GERAN
Signaling enhancement for Machine Type Communications in GERAN using Orthogonal Sub-channels
03/01/12  陳家盈 Control Strategies for Dispersing Incident-Based Traffic Jams in Two-Way Grid Networks
02/23/12 賴彥汝 An Ontology-Based Context Inference Service for Mobile Applications in Next-Generation Networks  
02/23/12  林其翰 BECAN: A Bandwidth-Efficient Cooperative Authentication Scheme for Filtering Injected False Data in Wireless Sensor Networks
02/16/12 許朝翔 Connecting Low-Power and Lossy Networks to the Internet  
02/16/12  王志航 DragonNet: A Robust Mobile Internet Service System for Long Distance Trains
02/09/12 林咨銘 Network Controlled Device-to-Device (D2D) and Cluster Multicast Concept for LTE and LTE-A Networks  
02/09/12  蘇致瑋 Asynchronous Channel Hopping for Establishing Rendezvous in Cognitive Radio Networks
12/29/11 劉培弘 Opportunistic Spectrum Access for Mobile Cognitive Radios  
12/29/11 張容慈 Smart Utility Networks in TV White Space  
12/22/11 王立德 Smart Community: An Internet of Things Application  
12/22/11 楊舜宇 A Survey on Facilities for Experimental Internet of Things Research  
12/15/11 柯建豪
Radio Resource Management Considerations for LTE Femto Cells  
12/15/11 李知穎 Routing Protocol in Intervehicle Communication Systems: A Survey  
12/8/11 吳書洵 A Routing Protocol for Large-scale Wireless Sensor Networks
S-AODV: Sink Routing Table over AODV Routing Protocol for 6LoWPAN
12/8/11 廖浤勝 Improved Component Carrier Selection Method forNon-Continuous Carrier Aggregation in LTEAdvanced Systems  
12/1/11 梁焯斌 Relays-Enhanced LTE-Advanced Networks Performance Studies  
12/1/11 吳宗憲 Increasing the Reliability of Wireless Sensor Network with a New Testing approach Based on Compressed Sensing Theory  
11/24/11 劉柏毅
Preserving Privacy in Emergency Response Based on Wireless Body Sensor Networks  
11/24/11 陳家盈 Dispatching Optimization and Routing Guidance for Emergency Vehicles in Disaster  
11/17/11 陳宜珊 Efficient Data Transmission Scheme for MTC Communications in LTE System  
11/17/11 賴彥汝 SPITFIRE: Toward a Semantic Web of Things  
11/10/11 蔡佩伶 Uplink Component Carrier Selection for LTE-Advanced Systems with Carrier Aggregation  
11/10/11 許閔淙 Mitigation of Macro-Femto Co-channel Interference by Spatial Channel Separation  
11/3/11 林其翰 FERMI: A Femtocell Resource Management System for Interference Mitigation in OFDMA Networks  
11/3/11 林咨銘 4G and the Beyond  
10/27/11 蘇致瑋 DH-MAC: A Dynamic Channel Hopping MAC Protocol for Cognitive Radio Networks  
10/20/11 陳冠蒼
Carrier Aggregation for LTE-Advanced: Functionality and Performance Aspects  
10/20/11 王志航 Evolution of LTE toward IMT-Advanced  
10/13/11 劉培弘 WHAT: A Novel Routing Metric for Multi-Hop Cognitive Wireless Networks  
10/13/11 張容慈 A Relay-Contention-Free Cooperative MAC Protocol for Wireless Networks  
10/06/11 柯建豪 Spectrum and Energy Aware Routing Protocol for Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks  
09/29/11 吳書洵 Improved Hierarchical Routing over 6LoWPAN  
09/29/11 劉柏毅 Secure Friend Discovery in Mobile Social Networks  
09/22/11 廖浤勝 DOF: A Local Wireless Information Plane  
09/22/11 陳家盈 Insomnia in the Access  
09/08/11 陳宜姍 Adaptive Bandwidth Reservation and Scheduling for Efficient Wireless Telemedicine Traffic Transmission  
09/08/11 賴彥汝 Semantic Middleware for the Internet of Things  
09/01/11 林其翰 Security Issues in Online Social Networks  
09/01/11 林咨銘 Network Coding-based Cooperative ARQ Scheme  
08/25/11 蘇致瑋
Sensor Networks for Cognitive Radio: Theory and System Design  
08/25/11 劉培弘 Coolest Path: Spectrum Mobility Aware Routing Metrics in Cognitive Ad Hoc Networks  
08/11/11 張容慈 Gymkhana: a Connectivity-Based Routing Scheme for Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks  
08/11/11 柯建豪 Spectrum Shaping via Network Coding in Cognitive Radio Networks  
08/04/11 李知穎 Application-aware Virtual Machine Migration in Data Centers  
08/04/11 吳書洵 Collaborative Firewalling in Wireless Networks  
07/14/11 施建成 Efficient Transmission Using Network Coding in Delay Tolerant Networks with Limited Buffers  
06/30/11 劉柏毅 How Bad Are Selfish Investments in Network Security?  
06/30/11 廖浤勝 Fine-grained Channel Access in Wireless LAN  
06/23/11 劉庭宇 An Efficient Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Using Energy Detector in Cognitive Radio Networks  
06/23/11 劉彥朗 Cooperative Routing in CR Ad-Hoc Networks  
06/16/11 余啟正 Group-Based Routing Protocol for Cognitive Radio Mobile Ad Hoc Networks  
06/16/11 盧偉民 A Real-Time Route Guidance Strategy for Emergency Vehicles in Urban Areas
06/09/11 陳家盈 A New Call Admission Control Scheme for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks  
06/09/11 陳宜姍 Multi-Path Routing and Rate Allocation for Multi-Source Video On-Demand Streaming in Wireless Mesh Networks  
06/02/11 朱逸樵 An IEEE 802.11p based Distributed Channel Assignment Scheme Considering Emergency Message Dissemination  
05/26/11 梁家豪 An Approach to Emergency Message Dissemination Considering Life Cycle of Information  
05/26/11 林咨銘 Toward Ubiquitous Massive Accesses in 3GPP Machine-to-Machine Communications  
05/19/11 賴彥汝 Coverage Quality based Target-Oriented Scheduling in Directional Sensor Networks  
05/19/11 蘇致瑋 The 3G Long-Term Evolution – Radio Interface Concepts and Performance Evaluation  
05/12/11 林其翰
How to Deliver Your Message from/to a Disaster Area  
05/12/11 汪昱志 Multicast Routing with Minimum Bandwidth Cost in Cognitive Radio Networks  
05/05/11 施建成 Wireless Service Provision in TV White Space with Cognitive Radio
Technology: A Telecom Operator’s Perspective and Experience
05/05/11 劉庭宇 Cognitive Radio: Ten Years of Experimentation and Development  
04/28/11 劉培弘
Emerging Cognitive Radio Applications: A Survey  
04/28/11 張容慈 International Standardization of Cognitive Radio Systems  
04/21/11 劉彥朗 CRP: A Routing Protocol for Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks  
04/21/11 余啟正 SEARCH: A Routing Protocol for Mobile Cognitive Radio Ad-hoc Networks  
04/14/11 盧偉民 A Novel Adaptive Distributed Cooperative Relaying MAC Protocol for Vehicular Networks
04/14/11 楊礎鴻 Fairness-Aware Radio Resource Management in Downlink OFDMA Cellular Relay Networks  
04/07/11 柯建豪 A Priority-based Differentiated Streaming Scheme to Guarantee the Media Quality in Mobile WiMAX  
04/07/11 李知穎 Trading Structure for Randomness in Wireless Opportunistic Routing
03/31/11 朱逸樵 A Region-Based Clustering Mechanism for Channel Access in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks  
03/31/11 梁家豪 ParkNet: Drive-by Sensing of Road-Side Parking Statistics  
03/24/11 林其翰 Map-Based Location and Tracking in Multipath Outdoor Mobile Networks  
03/17/11 吳書洵 A Multipath Routing and Spectrum Access (MRSA) Framework for Cognitive Radio Systems in Multi-radio Mesh Networks  
03/17/11 劉柏毅 A Greedy Link Scheduler for Wireless Networks with Gaussian Multiple Access and Broadcast Channels IEEE INFOCOM 2010 proceedings
03/10/11 汪昱志 QoS Multicast Routing and Transmission Scheduling in Multi-hop Cognitive Radio Networks  
03/10/11 施建成 Inter-Coding: an Interleaving and Erasure Coding Based Stable Routing Scheme in Multi-Path DTN  
03/03/11 劉庭宇 Opportunistic Feedback in Collaborative Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio  
02/24/11 廖浤勝 Optimal Flexible Spectrum Access in Wireless Networks with Software Defined Radios  
02/24/11 陳家盈 Admission Control and Scheduling for QoS Guarantees for Variable-Bit-Rate Applications on Wireless Channels  
02/17/11 劉彥朗 Cooperative Relay to Improve Diversity in Cognitive Radio Networks  
02/17/11 余啟正 Hidden primary user awareness in cognitive radio routing: the SBBO protocol  
01/13/11 盧偉民 A Multi-Channel Token Ring Protocol for QoS Provisioning in Inter-Vehicle Communications
01/13/11 楊礎鴻 Bandwidth Exchange: An Energy Conserving Incentive Mechanism for Cooperation  
12/30/10 陳宜姍 Carrier Load Balancing and Packet Scheduling for Multi-Carrier Systems  
12/30/10 賴彥汝 Intelligent Transportation Spaces: Vehicles, Traffic,Communications, and Beyond  
12/23/10 朱逸樵 Whirlpool Routing for Mobility
12/23/10 梁家豪 Zooming A Zoom-Based Approach for Parking Space Availability in VANET
12/16/10 林其翰 Randomized Robot-assisted Relocation of Sensors for Coverage Repair in Wireless Sensor Networks  
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12/09/10 汪昱志 Prediction-Based Topology Control and Routing in Cognitive Radio Mobile Ad Hoc Networks  
12/02/10 施建成 Discrete Gene Regulatory Networks (dGRNs): A novel approach to configuring sensor networks  
12/02/10 劉庭宇 A Robust and Efficient Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Scheme in Cognitive Radio Networks
11/25/10 蘇致瑋 Cooperative Spectrum Sensing with Multi-channel Coordination in Cognitive Radio Networks  
11/25/10 劉培弘 A Survey on Spectrum Management in Cognitive Radio Networks  
11/18/10 劉彥朗 Stimulating Cooperation in Multi-hop Wireless Networks Using Cheating Detection System  
11/18/10 余啟正 Protection and Fairness Oriented Cognitive Radio MAC Protocol for Ad Hoc Networks (PROFCR)  
11/11/10 張容慈 Efficient Broadcasting Using Network Coding and Directional Antennas in MANETs  
11/11/10 柯建豪 Toward Network Coding-Based Protocols for Data Broadcasting in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks  
11/04/10 盧偉民 An Integrated Network of Roadside Sensors and Vehicles for Driving Safety: Concept, Design and Experiments
11/04/10 楊礎鴻 PIS: A Practical Incentive System for Multihop Wireless Networks  
10/28/10 李知穎 DCAR: Distributed Coding-Aware Routing in Wireless Networks  
10/28/10 吳書洵 XORs in the Air: Practical Wireless Network Coding  
10/21/10 朱逸樵 Dynamic Channel Reservation to Enhance Channel Access by
Exploiting Structure of Vehicular Networks
10/21/10 梁家豪 T-Drive: Driving Directions Based on Taxi Trajectories  
10/14/10 劉柏毅 Overview : The Internet of Things  
10/14/10 廖浤勝 Introduction to Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS)  
10/07/10 林其翰 Barrier Coverage with Sensors of Limited Mobility  
10/07/10 林咨銘 An ARQ Mechanism with Rate Control for Two-hop Relaying Systems  
09/30/10 陳家盈 Open Source Cloud Computing Tools: A Case Study with a Weather Application  
09/30/10 陳宜姍 Cloud Computing and Grid Computing 360-Degree Compared
09/23/10 賴彥汝 Above the Clouds: A Berkeley View of Cloud Computing  
09/23/10 劉庭宇 A Network Lifetime Aware Cooperative MAC Scheme for 802.11b Wireless Networks
09/16/10 施建成 Routing in Socially Selfish Delay Tolerant Networks  
09/16/10 汪昱志 Information Quality Aware Routing in Event-Driven Sensor Networks  
09/09/10 劉彥朗 Rainbow: Reliable Data Collecting MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks  
09/09/10 余啟正 A Cross-Layer Mechanism for Solving Hidden Device Problem in IEEE 802.15.4 Wireless Sensor Networks  
09/02/10 盧偉民 Toward an Effective Risk-Conscious and Collaborative Vehicular Collision Avoidance System  
09/02/10 楊礎鴻 Cooperative Multicast for Mobile IPTV Over Wireless Mesh Networks: The Relay-Selection Study
08/26/10 朱逸樵 Cross-Layer Optimized MAC to Support Multihop QoS Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks  
08/26/10 梁家豪 Did You See Bob?: Human Localization using Mobile Phones  
08/19/10 林咨銘 Network Coding-Based Relay for IEEE 802.16j Multi-hop Relay Network  
08/19/10 汪昱志 Latency and Energy-Consumption Optimized Task Allocation in Wireless Sensor Networks  
08/12/10 施建成 Source-Location Privacy through Dynamic Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks  
08/12/10 劉庭宇 Joint Optimization of Power Allocation and Relay Deployment in Wireless Sensor Networks  
08/05/10 劉彥朗 Handling Triple Hidden Terminal Problems for Multi-Channel MAC in Long-Delay Underwater Sensor Networks  
08/05/10 余啟正 A Lightweight and Robust Routing Protocol for Realtime Indoor Localization of Emergency Responders  
07/29/10 廬偉民 Reliably Suppressed Broadcasting for Vehicle-to- Vehicle Communications  
07/29/10 楊礎鴻 PR-MAC: A Practical Approach for Exploiting Relay Transmissions in Multi-Rate WLANs  
07/08/10 朱逸樵 Robust Traffic Merging Strategies for SensorEnabled Cars Using Time Geography  
07/08/10 梁家豪
Service Scheduling of Vehicle-Roadside Data Access  
07/01/10 呂昭慶 Energy Efficiency Protocols in Delay Tolerant Networks for Hikers Tracking in The Mountains  
07/01/10 楊健文 Design and Implement of a Human Gesture Recognition System for a Wireless Control Humanoid Robot  
06/17/10 郭逸旻 Fuel-Saving Navigation System in VANETs  
06/10/10 劉哲維 A Fuel-Saving and Pollution-Reducing Dynamic Taxi-Sharing Protocol in VANET  
06/03/10 高贊豐 A Smart Guiding Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks  
06/03/10 林熙閔 Solving (k, ω)-Angle Coverage Problem in Wireless Sensor Networks using ILP  
05/27/10 汪昱志 Location-Based Spiral Clustering for Transmission Scheduling in Wireless Sensor Networks  
05/27/10 林咨銘 Error Control Strategies for WiMAX Multi-hop Relay Networks GLOBECOM 2009
05/20/10 施建成 Convex Partition of Sensor Networks and Its Use in Virtual Coordinate Geographic Routing  
05/20/10 劉彥朗 A Motion Tendency-based Adaptive Data Delivery Scheme for Delay Tolerant Mobile Sensor Networks  
05/13/10 劉庭宇 An Efficient Relay Selection Protocol for Cooperative Wireless Sensor Networks  
05/13/10 余啟正 Improve Home Sensory & Controlling Network with Network based on IEEE- 802.15.4 and Cloud Computing  
05/06/10 盧偉民 Design, Implementation and Evaluation of an Efficient Opportunistic Retransmission Protocol
05/06/10 楊礎鴻 Multicasting in Delay Tolerant Networks: A Social Network
04/29/10 朱逸樵 Adaptive Intervehicle Communication Control for Cooperative Safety Systems  
04/29/10 梁家豪 A Novel Reliable and Energy-Saving Forwarding Technique
for Wireless Sensor Networks
04/22/10 呂東學 An Improvement of Mote Carlo Localization on security  
04/22/10 羅期源 AMechanism extends the routing life time through wide-area network in VANETs  
04/15/10 陳俊宇 Efficient broadcasting using network coding in wireless sensor network  
04/08/10 呂昭慶 TPSS: A Two-phase Sleep Scheduling Protocol for Object Tracking in Sensor Networks  
04/08/10 楊健文 Mechanism for Maximizing Area-Centric Coding Gains in Wireless Multihop Networks  
03/25/10 郭逸旻 Region-Based Location-Service-Management Protocol for VANETs  
03/25/10 陳衣帆 Region-Based Location-Service-Management Protocol for VANETs  
03/18/10 劉哲維 Automated Ride Share Selection using Vehicular Area Networks  
03/18/10 高贊豐 Guiding Navigation System 整理性報告
03/11/10 林熙閔
Exposure-Path Prevention in Directional Sensor Networks Using Sector Model Based Percolation ICC 2009
03/11/10 胡為凱 A Secure Localization Approach Against Wormhole Attacks Using Distance Consistency  
03/04/10 林咨銘 M2M :
Machine to Machine Communication(From ETSI/3GPP Aspect)
03/04/10 汪昱志 Optimal Clock Synchronization in Networks  
02/25/10 施建成 Energy Efficient TDMA Sleep Scheduling in Wireless Sensor Networks  
02/25/10 劉彥朗 Distributed Data Aggregation Scheduling in Wireless Sensor Networks  
02/04/10 劉庭宇 Reducing Packet Losses in Networks of Commodity IEEE 802.15.4 Sensor Motes Using Cooperative Communication and Diversity Combination  
02/04/10 余啟正 Talk to Me! On Interacting with Wireless Sensor Nodes  
01/21/10 盧偉民 PROSE: Scalable Routing in MANETs Using Prefix Labels and Distributed Hashing  
01/21/10 楊礎鴻 Routing and Relay Node Placement in Wireless Sensor
Networks Powered by Ambient Energy Harvesting
01/0710 朱逸樵 Stackelberg Game for Utility-Based Cooperative Cognitive Radio Netwroks  
01/07/10 梁家豪 Opportunistic Flooding in Low-Duty-Cycle Wireless Sensor Networks with Unreliable Links
12/31/09 呂東學 Reliable Anchor-Based Sensor Localization in Irregular Areas  
12/31/09 羅期源 VLS: A Map-Based Vehicle Location Service for City Environments  
12/24/09 張力凡 Cooperative Multicast Scheduling Scheme for IPTV
Service over IEEE 802.16 Networks
12/24/09 陳俊宇 Effective Delay Control in Online Network Coding  
12/17/09 呂昭慶 Context-aware Geographic Routing
for Sensor Networks with Routing Holes
12/17/09 楊健文 BodyQoS: Adaptive and Radio-Agnostic QoS for Body Sensor Networks  
12/10/09 郭逸旻 VANET Routing on City Roads Using Real-Time Vehicular Traffic Information  
12/10/09 劉哲維 Lifetime and Coverage Guarantees Through Distributed Coordinate-Free Sensor Activation MobiCom 2009
12/03/09 高贊豐 Esense: Communication through Energy Sensing  
12/03/09 林熙閔

Planning Ahead for PTZ Camera Assignment and Handoff

Optimal Sensor Placement for Surveillance of Large Spaces

ICDSC 2009
11/26/09 陳衣帆 Small-Scale and Large-Scale Routing in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks  
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11/19/09 胡為凱 Design and Verification of Enhanced Secure Localization Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks  
11/19/09 林咨銘 Novel Frame Structures to Improve System Capacity and Latency
Performance of a Time-Division Duplex Multihop Relay Wireless
Access System
11/12/09 汪昱志 Sensor Nodes Localization Algorithm in Noisy Environments
11/12/09 施建成 Passive Loss Inference in Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Network Coding
11/05/09 劉彥朗 SecSens - Security Architecture forWireless Sensor Networks  
11/05/09 劉庭宇 Coverage Efficient Clustering with a Minimum Number of Active Sensors for Wireless Sensor Networks  
10/29/09 余啟正 Duty-Cycle-Aware Broadcast in Wireless Sensor Networks  
10/29/09 盧偉民 VISA: Virtual Scanning Algorithm for Dynamic Protection of Road Networks  
10/22/09 楊礎鴻 Encounter–Based Routing in DTNs  
10/22/09 朱逸樵 Network Mobility Protocol for Vehicular Ad hoc Networks  
10/15/09 梁家豪 Energy-Efficient Clustering/Routing for Cooperative MIMO Operation in Sensor Networks  
10/15/09 呂東學 A Novel Scheme for Spatial Localization of Passive RFID
Tags; Communication Range Recognition (CRR) Scheme
10/08/09 羅期源 Extending Drive-Thru Data Access by Vehicle-to-Vehicle Relay  
10/08/09 張力凡 A User-Decided Service Model and Resource Management in a
Cooperative WiMAX/HSDPA Network
10/01/09 陳俊宇 A Practical Joint Network-Channel Coding Scheme for Reliable Communication in Wireless Networks  
10/01/09 呂昭慶 TreeMAC: Localized TDMA MAC Protocol for Real-time High-data-rate Sensor Networks  
09/24/09 楊健文 Gateway Selection in Backbone Wireless Mesh Networks  
09/24/09 郭逸旻 An Optimal Probabilistic Forwarding Protocol in Delay Tolerant Networks  
09/17/09 劉哲偉 Catch-Up: A Data Aggregation Scheme for VANETs  
09/17/09 高贊豐 Beyond the Bits: Cooperative Packet Recovery Using Physical Layer Information  
07/02/09 林熙閔 An Efficient Filter-based Addressing Protocol for Autoconfiguration of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks IEEE INFOCOM 2009
06/04/09 廖浚竤 AEMA: An Aggregated Emergency Message Authentication Scheme
for Enhancing the Security of Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
05/21/09 江政龍 An Estimation-based Automatic Vehicle Location System for
Public Transport Vehicles
05/21/09 張佑竹 A Threshold Based MAC Protocol for Cooperative MIMO Transmissions  
05/14/09 林咨銘 A Simple and Efficient Data Forwarding Mechanism In Wireless Relay Networks  
05/14/09 呂東學 Distributed Operator Placement and Data Caching in Large-Scale Sensor Networks  
05/07/09 羅期源 Congestion avoidance and fairness in wireless sensor networks  
05/07/09 張力凡 A Greedy Distributed Time Synchronization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks  
04/30/09 陳俊宇 Network Coding with Multi-generation Mixing  
04/30/09 呂昭慶 A Novel Location-Free Greedy Forward Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks  
04/23/09 楊健文
Robust Topology Control for Indoor Wireless Sensor Networks  
04/23/09 郭逸旻 Alpha Coverage: Bounding the Interconnection Gap for Vehicular Internet Access  
04/16/09 劉哲維 Analysis of MultiHop Emergency Message Propagation in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks MobiHoc 2007
04/16/09 高贊豐 An Adaptive, High Performance MAC for Long-Distance Multihop Wireless Networks  
04/09/09 林熙閔
Cooperative Token-Ring Scheduling for Input-Queued Switches  
04/09/09 郭建宏 VANET Routing on City Roads using Real-Time Vehicular Traffic Information  
03/26/09 陳淑怡 A Survey of Multicast Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks  
03/26/09 王致凱 A New Storage Scheme for Approximate Location Queries in Object-Tracking Sensor Networks  
03/19/09 曾煥鈞 On Cooperative and Opportunistic Channel Access for Vehicle to Roadside (V2R) Communications  
03/19/09 楊蘭智 C-MAC: Model-driven Concurrent Medium Access Control for Wireless Sensor Networks  
03/05/09 李立偉 A Passive Geographical Routing Protocol in VANET 2008 IEEEE Asia-Pacific Services Computing Conference
03/05/09 林其翰 Mobile Filtering for Error-Bounded Data Collection in Sensor Networks  
02/26/09 廖浚竤 Cooperative Asynchronous Multichannel MAC:
Design, Analysis, and Implementation
02/26/09 陳柏諭 Coverage Problem--Implementation & Mobility issue  
02/19/09 江政龍 Communication Patterns in VANETs IEEE Communication Maganize
02/19/09 張佑竹 Design and evaluation of a routing-informed
cooperative MAC protocol for ad hoc networks
02/12/09 林咨銘 WiMAX Femtocells: A Perspective on Network Architecture,
Capacity, and Coverage
IEEE Communication Maganize
02/12/09 呂東學 Deploying Four-Connectivity And Full-Coverage Wireless Sensor Networks  
02/05/09 羅期源 Lightweight and Compromise-Resilient Message Authentication in Sensor Networks  
02/05/09 張力凡 A Localization Technique for Mobile Sensor Networks using Archived Anchor Information  
01/19/09 陳俊宇 TCP Performance in Coded Wireless Mesh Networks  
01/19/09 呂昭慶 Decentralized Tick Synchronization for Multi-hop Medium Slotting in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks using Black Bursts  
01/08/09 楊健文 Bandwidth Balancing in Multi-Channel IEEE 802.16 Wireless Mesh networks  
01/08/09 郭逸旻 GAnGS: Gather, Authenticate ’n Group Securely  
12/25/08 劉哲維 Analysis and Design of Effective and Low-Overhead Transmission Power Control for VANETs VANET 2008
12/25/08 高贊豐 BreadCrumbs: Forecasting Mobile Connectivity ACM MobiCom 2008
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11/28/08 楊蘭智 DCAR: Distributed Coding-Aware Routing in Wireless Networks  
11/13/08 李立偉 Delay-bounded Routing in Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks MobiHoc 2008
11/13/08 廖浚竤 Radio-telepathy: Extracting a Secret Key from an Unauthenticated Wireless Channel  
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10/30/08 陳柏諭 A New Coverage Problem in WSNs  
10/23/08 江政龍 Synchronized MAC Protocol For Multi-hop Cognitive Radio Networks ICC 2007
10/23/08 張佑竹 Performance of a Cooperative Relay-Based Auto- Rate MAC Protocol for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks  
10/16/08 林咨銘 Revising buffering in multihop CSMA/CA wireless networks SECON 2007
09/25/08 郭逸旻 CORD: Energy-efficient Reliable Bulk Data Dissemination in Sensor Networks INFOCOM 2008
09/25/08 劉哲維 Cooperative Recovery in Heterogeneous Mobile Networks SECON 2008
09/18/08 高贊豐 Diagnosing Wireless Packet Losses in 802.11:
Separating Collision from Weak Signal
09/18/08 林熙閔 Sensor-based Clustering for Indoor Applications SECON 2008
08/14/08 李立偉 A Feedback-Based Power Control Algorithm Design for VANET INFOCOM 2008
08/14/08 楊蘭智 STDCS: A Spatio-Temporal Data-Centric Storage Scheme For
Real-Time Sensornet Applications
SECON 2008
07/31/08 林其翰 Containing Denial-of-Service Attacks in Broadcast Authentication in Sensor Networks MobiHoc 2007
07/31/08 廖浚竤 Performance Analysis of the Network Models for the Search Robot Rescue System in the Closed Spaces  
07/03/08 連家儀 A Hierarchical Clustering Method in Wireless Ad Hoc Sensor Networks ICC 2007
07/03/08 陳柏諭 Research Challenges and Applications for Underwater Sensor Networking  
06/26/08 江政龍 Exploiting the Properties of Query Workload and File Name Distributions to Improve P2P Synopsis-based Searches  
06/26/08 張佑竹 An Asynchronous Distributed Dynamic Channel Assignment Scheme for Dense WLANs  
06/19/08 林咨銘
An Efficient ARQ mechanism in Multi-hop Relay Systems based on IEEE 802.16 OFDMA VTC 2007
06/19/08 陳淑怡 ARSM: a cross-layer auto rate selection multicast mechanism for multi-rate wireless LANs WIRELESS MOBILE NETWORKS: CROSS-LAYER COMMUNICATIONS
06/12/08 郭建宏 Network Coding Based Cooperative Peer-to-Peer Repair in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks ICC 2008
06/12/08 王致凱 Bounds on the Benefit of Network Coding:
Throughput and Energy Saving in Wireless Networks
06/05/08 曾煥鈞 Select-and-Protest-based Beaconless Georouting with Guaranteed Delivery in Wireless Sensor Networks INFOCOM 2008
06/05/08 李立偉 Delivering of Live Video Streaming for Vehicular Communication Using Peer-to-Peer Approach INFOCOM 2008
05/29/08 楊蘭智 Rateless Deluge: Over-the-Air Programming of Wireless Sensor
Networks using Random Linear Codes
IPSN 2008
05/29/08 林其翰 Exploiting Environmental Properties for Wireless Localization and Location Aware Applications PERCOM 2008
05/22/08 廖浚竤 Cooperative Opportunistic Routing using Transmit Diversity in Wireless Mesh Networks  
05/22/08 李明杰 Efficient Broadcast in MANETs Using Network Coding and Directional Antennas INFOCOM 2008
05/15/08 簡立凱 Channelization for Network Coding in Wireless Networks INFOCOM 2008
05/15/08 連家儀 Data Dissemination with Ring-Based Index for Wireless Sensor Networks IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MOBILE COMPUTING
05/08/08 陳柏諭 Real Time Video Surveillance System with Wireless Sensor Networks 整理性報告
05/08/08 江政龍 Bandwidth-Aware Routing in Overlay Networks  
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04/10/08 李立偉 Cooperating with Smartness: Using Heterogeneous Smart Antennas in Ad-Hoc Networks INFOCOM 2007
04/10/08 楊蘭智 Realistic and Efficient Multi-Channel Communications in Wireless Sensor Networks  
03/27/08 林其翰 Weak State Routing for Large Scale Dynamic Networks MobiCom2007
03/27/08 廖浚竤 Partner Selection Based on Optimal Power Allocation in Cooperative-Diversity Systems IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VEHICULAR TECHNOLOGY
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03/20/08 簡立凱 A New Cooperative Protocol with QoS in Wireless Networks 整理性報告
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